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Cierra Smith (Aka the Chic Scholar)

Student focused on saving money, making money, self-care, and manifesting happy futures. A proud DIY lifestylist & student entrepreneur sharing tips on how to balance academics, work, health, and finances. Proven advice on how to manage whole body wellness and a 4.0 GPA at the same time. All student entrepreneurs & aspirational scholars welcome.

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Student Life

Online courses. Grades. Foreign Languages. Social life. Studying tips. Test prep. Planning. Bullet Journaling. College. Highschool. And all the other madness millennials and gen Z-ers face.

1st Place DECA State Winner in Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making

1st Place States Winner in DECA’s Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making
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Frugal Living

Everything you need to know about living on a budget. The keys to not breaking the bank while still maintaining an inch of social life. How to prioritize and save up for a truly chic lifestyle. Student debt doesn’t have to be a reality. And student entrepreneurs frankly just don’t have room for any other expenses.

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Mental health, physical health, emotional health, you name it. I’m all about sanity and positivity. Student entrepreneurs understand better than anyone else, the hassle to manage time and control your life.

Part-time Hustle

Since student life and side hustles go hand-in-hand. Guidance on booking gigs, finding remote positions, entrepreneurial pursuits, freelancing, and VA jobs including Pinterest, Etsy, and Instagram.

This young gifted artist did an Amazing job in less than 24 hrs.. If you want to purchase anything tasteful.. You have found your artist.. Her professionalism was outstanding as well❣️❣️ Nothing but positives for this young lady as a matter of fact I’m honestly about to reach out to her for some more logo work🤗🥳🤗
Etsy Sales (since July 2019)

Etsy or Pinterest Assistance

I provide Pinterest account evaluations, short-term and long-term Virtual Assistant work, and custom tasks requested by clients. Just contact me with your request, and I’ll let you know if and when I’ll be able to get started, along with my rate. My hourly rate starts at just $12 but one-time projects vary.

Pinterest dashboard REAL results
I currently drive 430k+ Monthly Impressions for the Etsy shop, Brave Soul Blankets
Merry Christmas, Cierra! Thank you so much for all your hard work for Brave Soul! We are so grateful!!
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