10 Bullet Journal Spreads for (4.0!) Students

So I think it’s fair to say that bullet journals are definitely growing in popularity. I mean what student can even sanely exist anymore without a planner of some kind?

I know I sure can’t. And chances are, despite how much of a supergirl you are, you know that an agenda has been or would be your saving grace.

With deadlines, exams, study dates, cram sessions, stuco meetings, class presentations, and basically a million other things, students have a lot on their plates.

And there’s no shame in admitting that all that crap can be majorly overwhelming. But…it’s not exactly a source of pride when you realize that all that work you thought you had to do wasn’t actually all that much work.

You just thought it was.

‘Cause it wasn’t laid out, you didn’t have a game plan, and you neglected to evaluate necessity.

Or even worse? All that work you thought you had to do actually wasn’t all the work you actually had to do.

Now you’re two zeroes into the quarter with a failing test on the horizon. All because you didn’t write your to-do’s in an orderly fashion.

And while I don’t know about you, I know that I’m guilty of being human; which means that I forget things on a regular basis. So if you’ve accepted this natural weakness and ventured into your own bullet journal journey, you’ll be very excited to see the spreads that are going to save your grades, mental health, and social life this semester.

1.) Semester Overview

Source: image

While this gorgeous spread, unfortunately, did not have a name attached to it, I just had to give it a place on this list.

This bullet journal spread is perfect for the students who don’t necessarily want to set up a todo-list every week but would rather have a precise overview of all their major assignments and events for the month.

With a nifty key at the top and some handy color-coding, you’ll have your whole semester planned out before you know it. And yes–this is one of those spreads you only have to do twice!

2.) Semester Overview Take Two

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUABe00jEvq/

This spread leaves more room for planning, which is something that most of us students will need.

3.) Time Tracker

source: @ssumstudies

This is the perfect way to plan out your time after school when basically all you want to do is sleep and watch Netflix. It’s just a simple method to hold yourself accountable and actually get things done.

This spread is great for managing all that life you have outside of school. That way you won’t be 5 hours into a study sesh with no room for some much-needed yoga or self-care routine.

4.) Homework Tracker

Source: @lisenlettering

This bullet journal spread is one that I truly believe every student could use on a regular basis since homework is, very unfortunately, a part of all of our lives.

And let’s be real, that seasonal border actually makes the tasks not look that entirely unbearable! Point for aesthetics.

5.) Study, Sleep, Work, & Exercise Tracker

Source: @marianeofcysn

This one might honestly be the most useful spread on this list. And if I was diehard on top of filling out my bullet journal every day, then I sure as heck would be using this to time segment my days.

The way I see it, this layout can either be used to track how much time you spend in each of these 4 activities or to plan how much time you intend to spend.

And since sleeping, schooling, working, and exercising are all necessities in the life of a student, this spread is an amazing tool to see exactly how much extra time you have to do other things.

6.) Study Tracker


I’ll admit that those hours do seem a bit excessive (I’m looking at you, day 4), but even tracking in increments of 10 or 15 minutes can be super helpful on a day-to-day basis.

You’ll have a gorgeous rainbow thing going on and I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to want any gaps in my rainbow.

This serves as some healthy motivation for students who struggle to study, or as a way to place a mindful limit on my study bunnies out there.

7.) Customized Study Tracker

Source: https://aminoapps.com/c/bullet-journal/page/blog/april-study-tracker/aVZo_D1Eu0uGWJwQbWwwXR4Q4WBqvBXBL7

I find this one to be more do-able for a student like myself. It’s always worked better for me to focus on certain subjects on certain days and other subjects on other days.

The bullet journaler has a key for whether or not they studied, the extent to which they studied, and the subject they studied.

Now that’s organization if I’ve ever seen it.

8.) Grade tracker

Source: @vorfreudes

I’m in no way telling you to become grades-obsessed or anything like that…but a regular dose of reality check never hurt anyone. If you write down your grades, then you’ll at least know what to expect at the end of the semester.

I think it’s safe to say that a failing grade is one surprise that none of us want. Plus it’s always rewarding to see how all your studying paid out in the long run.

And if tracking each grade is simply too much, then I’d recommend at least keeping a line chart to show your growth progress report to progress report. That would be 8 different points throughout the year for each subject.

9.) Schedule Planner

Source: personalplanner

While this spread may not be too useful for middle or high school students, college students could really use the weekly reminder for hectic course loads.

Or perhaps if you feel that simply writing the course name is too elementary for you, then you could, by all means, write down the unit or objectives you’ll be focusing on when in that course.

That way you’ll know exactly what you need to be studying, when you need to be studying it, and how you plan to prioritize it.

10.) Foreign Language Tracking

Source: phiranastudies

This bullet journal suggestion is quite personal to each student, but for all my learning bilinguists out there, I think you’ll find this language tracker quite useful.

You create a nice color key for grammar, listening, reading, and writing (and possibly even speaking!) and fill out your days with whichever activity you were able to do. It helps to make sure you’re focusing on a nice mix of your language learning.

Plus it holds you accountable in actually progressing within your linguistic skills. ‘Cause, after all, it is a daily pursuit

Sorry, but “I forgot” just won’t quite make the cut anymore.

Since you made it to the end…

No matter what part of the school year you’re at, I wish you a very solid finish to it. I hope that you’ll try at least one spread on this list; but if not, then use them to inspire your own.

Of course, a planner of any kind will be a major step toward organizing your life…. but making a pretty one won’t hurt.

And since you’re here, I bet you’d like a regular dose of student lifestyle advice, self-care tips, and frugal living guidance.

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