5 Crucial ways to stay motivated throughout your second semester

So I think it’s safe to make the assumption that most of you are in your second semester of the school year, and desperately looking for new ways to stay motivated. It’s probably relatively close to the start and 3rd quarter is already beginning to feel mighty unwelcome.

But everyone knows that the half-way mark in any journey is the most dangerous point since it’s where you decide whether or not to keep pushing forward or to turn around and go back.

Now is not the time to start slacking off– you’ve still got to finish the year strong. 2nd semester is the time for reparative measures and damage control.

But senioritis is a thing for a reason. It reflects a national pandemic among students who lose their motivation as the school year goes on.

Even if your grades aren’t looking too pretty, your social life isn’t where you thought it would be, and your GPA’s suddenly not looking too hot, there are crucial ways you can stay motivated.

It’s all about the mindset sis, and soon everything else will fall into place.

Refocus on your end-goal

You’ve chosen to be a scholar for a purpose, so there’s clearly something you’re working towards. Some future for yourself that you’ve acknowledged a degree or high school diploma will be a big help in.

Chances are you set a few mini goals for yourself as well this school year, be it making A-B honor roll, qualifying for NHS, boosting your GPA, concentrating on a new pathway, reaching a certain number of credits–whatever.

Even if it was a personal development goal like being better organized or to stop procrastinating, it’s not too late to refocus on the things that motivated you to start.

In the words of Panic! at the Disco, a lot of us have always had high, high hopes. And Mama said don’t give up, (cause life is always going to be) a little complicated.

When you look back at yourself in the future, you don’t want to remember some flimsy chick who lost motivation when life got a bit tough. No, you want to remember a boss babe who held herself accountable for all the goals she set for herself (and that’s exactly who you’re going to be!)

Reassess your life outside of school

It can be pretty easy to lose purpose in your daily routine when your life quite literally revolves around your schooling.

There’s nothing that dims motivation like feeling unsatisfied in your social and home life. So at this point in the year, you need to make sure that you haven’t neglected outside priorities or people.

Figure out whether you’ve been putting off goals or pushing away loved ones cause you’ve been too focused on your grind. The people closest to you can be insanely resourceful when you’re simply not motivated anymore.

You never want to give up your aspirations and hobbies just cause they don’t align with your study schedule. It’s never too late to start working towards ‘extracurricular’ goals.

Meet some new people

Making new friends always adds a dash of excitement to your everyday life. I suggest actively looking for new groups, clubs, teams, etc. to join with the intention of meeting some potential best friends.

You’ll all be able to bond over whatever the foundation of the group is and chances are that a few unfamiliar personalities will snap you out of your boring rut.

Take the initiative to reach out to new people instead of getting annoyed when one of your close friends isn’t free to hang out. Having a diverse range of friends will open you up to new ideas, cultures, viewpoints, and tons of other cool things.

Cheers to getting out of your comfort zone.

Reconnect with old friends and family

This may just seem just a little counterintuitive with the last suggestion to stay motivated, but it never hurts to reopen ties with loved ones. So often we go day in and day out without giving an elderly family member a second thought or even considering texting that aunt who was always there for you as a kid. Guilty as charged.

It can be the little things that really really brighten up your mood. Hitting up an old friend that you’ve lost touch with over the years can be super exciting for both you and them.

It’s not as hard to revitalize an old friendship or family relationship as some may think. It’ll be really comforting hearing from someone who genuinely wants to know how you’ve been.

So don’t hesitate, my fellow scholars. Email isn’t just for sharing group projects.

Choose someone or multiple people who you haven’t spoken to in a while and randomly hit them up with a text, call, or email. Double points if you thank them for being such an amazing part of your life whenever it was that they were.

Y’know they say gratitude is like one of the all-time major anti-depressants. You’ll feel great; they’ll feel great, and suddenly it’ll feel a lot easier to remember that big life you have outside of school.

Squeeze in a personal vacay, road trip, or big event with friends

Believe it or not, you don’t have to wait till Summer or Spring Break to get your days jumpin’. You got to find ways to treat yourself year-round girlfriend.

Give yourself an off day, off weekend, off holiday, you name it. Travel somewhere (even if it’s just the next town over) and give yourself a refreshing break from your daily routine.

Leave your schoolwork behind and let loose. This can be anything as long as you’re having fun. So go to the beach, mountains, forest, lake, concert, show, theatrical show, or even mall, and just enjoy it.

I majorly recommend planning this event with a friend or two in order to maximize that true ‘Summer fun’ feeling. I know it’s broke girl season, so it’s totally fine to do something that’s free.

Just think, even planning a big girl’s night at your home with games and movies can even constitute as a big event. Just give yourself something to get excited about.

But before you go…

I’ve got to give you credit where credit is due. You made it to the end of this article without losing motivation! Surely, if you can do that then trucking it out for the rest of the school year won’t be too hard.

I like your commitment though. I need a loyal scholar like you in my tight-knit community.

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