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Ciao beautiful peoples! I’m Cierra, but I prefer to go by my alias “chic scholar.” I’m a full-time student, part-time (remote!) worker, Etsy shop owner, and well…… a few other things as well. That means that for 40 hours a week I’m a student; 6 hours a social media manager for a nonprofit organization; 5 hours doing my own enterprising thang (aka blogging); and for the rest of the 111 hours (yes, there’s really that much time in one week! And yes, I googled it.), doing extracurriculars, spending time with family and friends, chores, practicing self-care, physical activity, religious studies, and…must I go on?

Honestly, let’s face it–student life is rough. Like rough rough. Our parents and elders may try to downplay youth struggles as much as they like, but it’s no secret that balancing every aspect of an academic-focused lifestyle is tough. I’m talking AP Calculus tough. And then it doesn’t help that being a full-time scholar goes hand-in-hand with being broke. Let’s not forget about the mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks. Plus…. nevermind, just look up “13 reasons why” and you’ll get teen and early twenties life in a nut-shell.

I ‘ve made it my mission on this blog is to spread tips and advice that’ll ease your mind and actually provide the study breaks you need. My main focus is on self-care, school help, and frugal living (cause life is constant budgeting). I’m currently a 16-year-old junior in high school dually enrolled at the community college in my area. By the way, I’m North Carolinian born and raised. I enjoy making jewelry, crocheting, dancing, blogging and whipping up healthy-ish desserts.

Crazy enough, I have tons of ideas already cooking for this blog so I hope you’ll check out some of my published posts! Don’t ever hesitate to comment or contact me at cierrasmith003@gmail.com. Until next time!

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