Cheap High Protein Vegetarian Lunch ideas for Broke Students

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Hey fellow scholars! In light of the increasingly meat-less lifestyles both myself and those around me are undertaking, I’ve collected 5 different cheap, high-protein, vegetarian meal prep ideas that’ll have you looking forward to the school week.

These are recipes I personally use and thoroughly enjoy. You can meal prep all of these on Sunday and rest assured you won’t be hungry shortly after.

Not only is eating out at lunch daily not ideal for my health, but it’s also not ideal for my budget. I’m talking about my practically non-existent bank account.

Even school lunches are priced too high in my frugal opinion.

So if you too need some cheap meal ideas for the school day, then you’ve come to the right place. 2020 is the year to unleash the meal prep queen or king inside of you.

Meal Prep Idea #1: Overnight Oats (Or Oatmeal)

My personal favorite. You’ll peep me whipping out a hearty container of overnight oats basically every single weekday. Honestly, my school lunches start anywhere from 10:36 to 12:02 so I’m genuinely in the mood for a breakfast staple over ‘traditional’ lunches.

There’s nothing I love more than a lunch you can dress up depending on your mood and meal prep on Sundays. That’s right– I pack all 5 containers before the school week even starts.

In some odd, kinda illogical way, overnight oats are like a salad in that while your base may stay the same, you can change up everything else.

I’m talking seeds, nuts, berries, bananas, apple, mango, pineapple, yogurt (yes, oatmeal parfaits are a serious thing), cinnamon, nutmeg, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, cacao nibs, dark chocolate, must I go on?

My favorite recipe for success is:

Meal Prep Idea #2: Parfait

Why do so many people straight up sleep on parfaits? They can quite literally taste like dessert for breakfast/lunch (and personally I can’t think of anything better than that.)

Of course, with a meal option like this, you have to make sure the yogurt you choose is protein-rich. My favorites include Light & Fit by Dannon Greek Nonfat Yogurt and Chobani Non-fat Greek Yogurt.

So basically Greek yogurt is the key here. Any other yogurt and I’m like 93% sure you’re going to be hungry again after about an hour or two.

You’re free to top your parfaits off with whatever delicacies you like, and almost all of them can also be prepped at the start of the week. Oats, berries, nut butters, seeds, bananas, and homemade granola, all taste bomb on yogurt.

Experiment around with different toppings, and you’ll be able to figure out which offer the most filling combinations.

Meal Prep Idea #3: Veggie Wrap

I won’t lie; I genuinely use to think that wraps (or sandwiches) weren’t real wraps (or sandwiches) if they didn’t have a little bit of meat in them. A ‘lettuce and cheese’ wrap just didn’t sound quite as appealing as a ham and cheese wrap.

But I’ve more or less revamped my mindset in this past year-and-a-half to relying on virtually no meat. Red meat was the first to go, and I can truly say that my taste buds have changed.

Vegetarian wraps are much more satisfying both physically and mentally. I mean, it’s basically just wrapping up your favorite salad in a thin piece of firm dough.

This too is a lunch you can dress up however your heart may desire. Just get yourself a nice softshell, and stuff it full with vegetables like:

  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • spinach
  • lettuce
  • peppers
  • onions

And since you, of course, can’t forget a hearty dose of protein, you can try out some:

  • cheese (Cottage preferably)
  • greek yogurt
  • tofu
  • seitan
  • lentils
  • beans
  • hemp seeds

Meal prep #4: Boiled Egg Salad

This one doesn’t sound particularly appealing by most stretches but if you like boiled eggs, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll enjoy one of these salads.

And no, I’m not talking about a bowl-full of boiled eggs, and maybe some tomatoes and seasoning. Definitely not.

I’m talking a bowl full of greens, i.e. lettuce or spinach, with some boiled egg pieces mixed in there, along with your other favorite salad toppings.

I’d suggest two boiled eggs for a hearty dose of protein and a few grams of fat to keep you full.

The only real drawback of consuming eggs regularly is the abnormally high amount of cholesterol, so you can decide whether or not to remove the yolk since that’s where all the cholesterol is.

So just as a general guideline, mix together

  • spinach
  • grape tomatoes
  • a couple of olives
  • grated cheese
  • homemade salad dressing with a base of either red wine vinegar or greek yogurt
  • eggs

And for an extra flair:

  • chickpeas/hummus

For what I call a healthy Mediterranean-styled cuisine.

Meal Prep Idea #5: Cucumber, Hummus, and Cheese Crackers

Peanut butter crackers are typically a childhood staple in lunchboxes, but I think older students can all agree that they don’t provide a well-rounded meal in themselves, and oftentimes they’re simply not that filling.

So in comes deli-style crackers.

I’d suggest opting for a rice cracker or multi-grain cracker over a typical Ritz, or even Savoritz cracker if you’re really trying to be health-conscious.

Cucumbers provide you with a vegetable serving for the day, along with a refreshing crunch that hydrates and satiates.

Hummus is delicious for one but also provides you with healthy fiber, healthy fats, healthy carbohydrates, and very little sugar.

And my favorite go-to cheese is cottage cheese since approx. 70% of its calories come from protein. (28 grams in 1 cup) And it provides B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and selenium.

But don’t fear– provolone cheese is still a lower-calorie option that offers 5 grams of protein per slice. 2 or 3 slices should do the trick.


I think it’s safe to say you’re all prepared for the school week now. Comment below if you try any of these recipes and what you think of them.

I’d also love to hear any of your suggestions for lunch ideas that you personally enjoy. Don’t be a stranger!

Since you clearly do care about improving your quality of life (and on a budget!), make sure to check out my post on How to practice self-care EVERY day of the week.

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“Gap”: How Eurocentric beauty standards affect young girls of color

Smile with gap model, Slick Woods

A narrative

I was a lucky child. There were very few things that I didn’t like about the way that I looked. It was around the time that I finally entered my “double digits” that any real insecurities began to arise.

It’s strange the little things your mind chooses to remember. Like the little boy in 5th grade who randomly chose to share his opinion that my smile was “ugly.”

Sure he was annoying to everybody, and looking back was probably just kidding or perhaps even had a crush on me (since little boy logic seems to be mean to those who you like), but it only furthered my love-hate relationship with the gapped space in my smile that I had been ‘cursed’ with at birth.

My mother had always ravished about how “I had gotten my father’s gap,” and “how cute” it was that I had inherited his smile–straight teeth and all; though it took me far too long to recognize that perk.

In my mind, my gap was the chink in my armor. In my mind, it was the one thing that ruined my toothy grin in photos and diminished me to looking like “just another black girl.”

In my mind, it was the one thing that raised my twin sister just a little bit higher than me in looks since she had a “pretty” harmonic smile.

And it was the one thing that made me want to stop smiling, inhibiting my desire to express any happiness proudly or confidently.

It’s a tough world when your own smile screws you over. When your own teeth don’t even have your back, little things begin to carry so much more weight.

It hurts to look at yourself in photos and make the quiet decision to only partake in “selfies,” since at least then you can visually construct your smile to look appeasing. Or perhaps remaining silent whenever the subject of “braces” comes up in conversations out of fear that someone will call you out for clearly never having got any.

It’s even harder trying to make a close-lipped smile look genuine when your natural inclination is to open up wide and cheese. It didn’t matter that my teeth were healthy, strong, and overall straight; I just wanted some way to get rid of my chink.

TV ads were always boasting about invisaligns and affordable dental kits to get yourself a pair of pearly whites deemed “acceptable” by eurocentric culture. I asked my mom for something–anything, to straighten out my teeth and after some initial resistance, she took my complaint to my dentist who wrote me a recommendation for a local orthodontist who would give my teeth a proper evaluation.

I still have the referral pass stored away somewhere in my room since my mom made the parental decision that that wouldn’t be necessary. I still remember at the end of 8th grade when my fellow students were electing others for fun accolades like “most likely to be an actress,” or “best male athlete,” and one of my best friends at the time unknowingly hammered into my insecurity.

“Best smile” was open for a winner and for some (likely selfish) reason, I was crushed by her saying that my twin sister should win since her smile is really pretty. Even my other friend pitched in about how straight and nice her teeth are.

It really hurt me at the time that they never even looked in my direction for even being a potential candidate.

I was convinced that my gap had ruined my smile, and I would catch myself randomly angry at my dad for even passing on the unfavorable trait.

Why did I always get all the “bad” genetics? How come I had inherited all the unfavorable genes? 

I think that me being as agitated as I was by something so small was a direct reflection of my privileged upbringing.

There’s a certain level of first-world birthright that one has to have for something so minute, so insignificant, so mundane to take up as much of one’s thoughts as it did.

It took looking beyond my own self-consumed bubble of embarrassment post picture day, to see all the successful people in the media, including those of European descent, who had made it big in Hollywood while flaunting their diastema. Madonna, Zac Efron, Woody Harrelson, Octavia Spencer, and up and coming models who were changing the industry by embracing their uniqueness; never let their gaps stop them from landing roles.

But I found my biggest role models to be those right in my family who too had inherited a gap in the generation before me. Not only did my smile connect me with my dad, but it also connected me with two aunts, my grandma, and ultimately my family heritage.

My aunts sat down and literally smiled in order to point out the gaps in their mouths I never seemed to have noticed.

And the funny thing? I thought their teeth enhanced their beauty and added personality to their appearances. I thought their teeth enhanced their beauty.  In fact, I always had thought that they had some of the brightest smiles I’d ever seen.

You know those smiles that radiate confidence and immediately lighten up a room? Yeah, they had those smiles.

Design available in my shop! Along with plenty of other designs. I really appreciate any support!

And just like that I didn’t feel so bad about my gap-toothed smile anymore. It made me proud to feature a trait that so prominently portrayed my relation to some of the most hard-working, strong people I knew–my father, aunts, and late grandma.

It was silly to hide something so unapologetically identifying of my roots.

Now looking back, I don’t know why I ever cared so much. I’m so blessed to have the smile I was born with; straight, healthy, strong teeth, pink gums, and no cavities.

I should thank my dad a thousand times over for my healthy scot-free dental history. I should thank God for even giving me teeth at all.

So if I have a reason to be happy, you better believe I’m smiling. You better believe I’m opening right on up when people ask my twin and I to see our teeth just so they can tell us apart. You better believe I’m cheesing every time I get the chance to.

The smiler–yep that’s me. I’ll be giving myself my own accolades from now on. My teeth symbol my roots, and with my roots comes defiance. Defiance of the ordinary. Defiance of expectations. But most of all, defiance of myself.

Because you know it wasn’t just about the teeth– I don’t think it ever was just about the teeth. It was about me and the unrealistic expectations and beauty standards I set for myself.

When you’re a perfectionist, any small chink in your armor can send you falling 1000 feet to the bottom of a trench you have to dig yourself out of.

You have to hold even your own expectations at an arm’s length away. When you place that distance between yourself and your own ideas of perfection, you open up doors that only the confident can enter.

Anybody even loosely acquainted with intellectual expansion, knows that it’s not what your mouth looks like but what comes out of your mouth. It’s what comes out of it. I let that sink in a little every single day, because only your words and actions reflect your character and who you are at heart.

As I’ve gotten older, my gap has actually begun to close up with age but I swear that was life’s denouement for me. Something that can only be obtained after your personal conflicts have been resolved.

Hardly anyone even comments on my gap anymore, and maybe they never did, but now I thank it for causing the self-reflection that it did.

Interested in another narrative addressing racial issues in America? Check out my post on what it means to be called an “Oreo” in America.

“Oreo” & “acting white” as a student of color in America

Oreo photo



An African-American who is seen, especially by other blacks, as wishing to be part of the white establishment. A traitor of one’s roots.

What black people are called in American society when they aren’t disrespectful trolls that hold up lines, break rules, and speak “ratchet.”

A melinated individual who has goals, thinks about their future, is often seen conversing with those of the caucasian race, and aspires for greatness beyond talentless rapping and professional athleticism.

African Americans who were raised in an environment other than the projects, speaking proper English, having an eclectic taste in music, being well-educated and legitimately employed, not abusing the welfare system, being well-mannered, saving money for schooling instead of bundles and “dookie” gold, and wearing nice clothes that aren’t RocaWear, Sean Jean, Baby Phat and so on.

A painfully ironic term coined by those of the African American community to keep down other blacks who are supposedly “white on the inside” for defying all the stereotypes America has expected of them. 

Acting “black” Vs. Acting “white”

You see, you won’t be called an oreo for liking hip hop. But you most definitely are one if you like country. You’re not an oreo for liking concerts, but musicals are “too white” for a “real” black person to enjoy.

You’re not an oreo for joining choir, but you are one for joining theatre. You’re not an oreo for roller skating, but you’re walking a dangerous rope with ice skating.

You’d never be called one for smoking weed to deal with problems, but you’d almost always be called one for seeking a therapist to discuss your mental health.

Never for attending public school; always for choosing private schooling. Ironically enough, the black community actively works against segregation while simultaneously working to resist integration.

Can you act like both races?

The funny thing is that most African Americans are willing to acknowledge gray areas in every aspect of life, except when it actually comes down to distinguishing between the white and black races.

Gray area is the idiomatic fuzzy border between two mutually exclusive categories where topics begin to blur with interpretation. Gray area is like the middle of a Venn diagram where concepts begin to overlap since two categories are never entirely separate.

Some may make the argument that Oreos simply are that gray area between the two races. That they contain characteristics and stereotypes of both races, therefore making them a cultural blend that identifies with both sides.

But they’re not and never have been. No–they’re oddities viewed by the black community as falling squarely in the “white” circle, and outliers viewed by the white community as being exceptions to the norm. 

Oreo is an outdated term that has no place in the multicultural fusion America has become. It reflects the intolerance and racial insensitivity the great bald eagle has been slowly flying away from for decades.

This nation has become a spectrum in every sense of the word; politically, socially, culturally, religiously, and absolutely undeniably, racially.

The Issue in the African American Community

African Americans who still use the term have not yet moved away from this nation’s segregated past, and unknowingly encourage racial divisions even today.

They ingrain stereotypes more into society every time that they exclude those actively defying them. The sad thing is that these same people may also believe that they’re defying American stereotypes by holding onto their roots with dear life.

The sad thing is that these same people are so devoted to the idea of resistance that they actively limit their potential for success.

The sad thing is that these same people claim to empower black people while simultaneously degrading those who choose to aspire to greatness beyond the form expected from them.

They unknowingly partake in this form of self-hatred that rivals even the limitations placed upon African Americans by American society.

Despite how much these individuals in the black community may try to convince you of it, an oreo is not the same as an assimilationist. They are not people who advocate absorbing one’s self into the cultural traditions of whites.

They do not encourage the loss of distinction between ethnic groups or giving up one’s cultures of origin. The only thing they are guilty of is successfully adapting to a new environment where they chose to learn and follow observed truths that have been proven to contribute to a self-satisfying future in this country. 

The real ‘enemy’ here

The real term that should be stigmatized is not ‘Oreo’, but ‘oppositional culture,’  a term most commonly used in studying the sociology of education to explain the racial achievement gap in the United States.

It refers to any subculture’s rejection of conformity to prevailing norms and values and has led to the creation of numerous gangs and religious cults. This theory, which surfaced in the 1970s, states that students of color intentionally underachieve in school and testing due to a fear of being stereotyped as acting white.

It was coined as a reaction to the education gap in which black students rather consistently underperformed their white counterparts in an effort to not betray black normative culture.

Today, the term oreo is most widely used among the younger demographic where educational stereotypes passed on generation to generation, including the use of Standard English and enrollment in honors and AP classes and acting “smart” in class and skipping social events for studying and joining enrichment programs and routinely participating in community service have been largely categorized as “acting white.”

Oreos are the black students you see partaking in these behaviors and attitudes and as a result, are more often isolated by their urbanized peers of color. Then we see a cycle begin to form as these Oreos choose to surround themselves with white classmates who don’t judge their efforts, and are consequently characterized even further by angry students of color.

That is why racial derogatives limit societal growth and enforce racial divisions founded on generalized assumptions.

Oreos choose to break these barriers and if anything should actually be defined as those who don’t wish to “fit in” to American society but as those who wish to stand out from American society, on the mere principle of the values that motivate them.

They are defiant and abnormal and surprising and non-conforming, despite what some in the black community believe.

Why we all need to move on

 It’s time to move away from intraracial discrimination as a whole and acknowledge that along with this country, black culture is also becoming a more diverse blend of ideologies, behaviors, subcultures, and attitudes.

African Americans should no longer channel their anger with the nation founded on the backs of their ancestors towards those making the best out of a negative situation but towards fighting the stereotypes that continue to live on.

America has a lot more development to undergo, but it’s fair to say that we’re much past the point of racial derogatives and cultural tolerance. And African Americans unsensitized by a past of injustice need to make a choice on how they’ll allow their history to define them.

Will they continue to limit younger generations by discouraging educational integration on the basis of  “not acting white” or will they choose to embrace this new age of loving one’s roots while aspiring for things previously unobtained?

That choice is theirs, but I sure do hope they choose the latter.

Interested in another personal narrative on racial issues in America? Read about the effect Eurocentric beauty standards have on the smiles of young girls of color.

Black girl etsy image
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The 5 major traps to avoid as an online student

The 5 major traps to avoid as an online student pin

I love the constant access we now all have to quality education. And personally, I think it’s kind of crazy to not at least take advantage of online courses at one point in your life.

You’ve got courses everywhere from Business administration to nutrition, civil engineering, information technology, and almost anything else. Meaning we all have unique opportunities never available before in history.

So it sure would be a shame to waste it.

Let’s be real, it’s much too easy to get distracted when basically doing anything online. The Internet has this amazing ability to appeal to even the slightest sliver of boredom.

And I’m talking from first-hand experience.

So if you’re looking to make the digital leap into virtual schooling, then have I got a gift for you. I’ve made a list of 5 major traps that are almost exclusive to online students, meaning you’re going to have to be on top guard.

And *spoiler* most have to do with distractions.

Music Overload

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There’s nothing like listening to a straight bop while you’re grinding out some school work. Or even better, a whole playlist that winds up blessing your ears.

Music is amazing at pumping at us and giving that motivation boost we need. For some students, it’s the only way they can focus on their task at hand.

But for other students, it may provide an easy alternative to concentrating on assignments. The beat might hit you right one time too many and suddenly you’re jamming (and dancing) to that innocent background song.

Or the lyrics may hit too close to your heart, and suddenly you’re either belting out the words or allowing each word to personally speak to your soul. If that’s the case, then you may be cured by simply switching to instrumental music.

In some cases, you also may only have to turn down your music to focus. But if you find your music to be a regular problem, then you sadly may have to give it up.

Or even if it’s not an issue for you, you might find that freeing up all your senses for your schoolwork could be the key you need to actually understand what you’re learning.

Storage Disorganization

With in-class courses, your schoolwork could basically be in 1 of 3 places at all times. But with online courses, suddenly you’re saved work could be in one of literally hundreds of folders.

There’s nothing more stressful than going to turn in a lab, just to realize you actually deleted it when you cleared your desktop.

Or forgetting the name of an assignment and not being able to locate it ’cause you have no clue where you saved it.

Don’t worry–there’s a quick fix. Create a separate “mega” folder for all your online courses, and then make folders within to represent each course you’re taking.

Then you’re free to segment off each course by subjects, units, quarters, etc.

Running out of space

Not all of us have four-figure laptops with terabyte(s) worth of space. Some of us are actually constrained by the limit known as storage space.

None of us want to deal with a slow-functioning computer because of large quantities of saved schoolwork. But then we also don’t want to not save our schoolwork.

If you’re all about Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive, then, fortunately, these cloud-based platforms could be all you need for your schooling. Google Drive allows up to 15 GB of free storage, and Onedrive allows up to 5 GB of free storage with a $2 monthly payment for upgrading to 50 GB.

But there’s still a large number of students out there (myself included) who prefer to save work in a conventional storage area that allows applications to run on your Operating System.

And if you like being able to access your saved material, regardless of whether or not you’re connected to the internet, then this next tip if for you.

Don’t store everything on your laptop/desktop. Use an SD card or flash drive instead.

Just don’t lose whatever storage addition you do decide to use.

Not setting a regular schedule

I get it, some of you may pride yourselves in being able to squeeze out any and every assignment by the grace of God before the due date. Your favorite nation may be procrastination, and that can be totally fine up to a point.

No matter how you look at it short-term or long-term goals, each of us generally has an end date in mind when it comes to education.

If you’re getting any kind of degree, trust me when I say you’re not going to want to pay for an extra semester because you didn’t finish the course on time.

So lay out a weekly plan for yourself to make sure you’re actually getting your mess done.

I’d imagine that most of your professors have weekly deadlines, but if by some miracle your course is completely self-paced then it’s up to you to create your own deadlines. (Ew I know)

Give yourself a ‘when’ for your courses and don’t flake out on them. Be it Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11 to 12 or Tuesdays and Saturdays from 2 to 4, your schedule is yours.

Allowing notifications

Now, what am I getting on about? Any device you plan to have around you, or to be on while you’re doing your course needs to be on ‘no distractions’ mode.

The last thing you need are e-mails and/or text messages competing for your attention. It’s so easy to get off track and waste anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

There’s nothing particularly thrilling or fun about online courses so our brains may be looking to grasp onto even the smallest amount of entertainment.

I’m sure most of you will be working on a laptop so don’t allow pop-ups, and if possible, keep your phone out of reach.

So what now?

Own your courses. Even if you find yourself struggling with these traps, don’t give up on e-learning before you read Five Proven methods for completing ANY online course like a pro.

Chances are even if you think online courses are really hard right now, with a few less distractions, a little more focus, motivation, and encouragement, you’ll be on your way to a straight-A student.

But as always learn your self before you start learning new things. In-class learning might just be your cup of tea, oh, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But since you’re here, you’re clearly one of few self-motivated scholars that would love my weekly tips on how to excel mentally, physically, and academically.

I love sharing doses of knowledge that any student could benefit from, and I’d be honored if you joined my savvy sisterhood. Sign up with your email below!

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How to teach yourself a new language and actually retain it (beyond Duolingo!)

So 60 to 75 percent of people around the world speak at least two languages, and chances are you want to be one of them.

I know I sure do. Though I do know how to speak and understand Spanish up to an adolescent level, 3 full years of public schooling is not a path that most adult learners want to take.

Language is a skill that has to be developed beyond the classroom and the public school system doesn’t do most of us teenage students much good.

You ask almost anybody past 40 and I guarantee you that they’ve forgotten basically everything they learned in that mandatory Spanish or French class they took 20+ years ago.

So in light of me taking up a journey to Vietnamese fluency, I figured I’d help the rest of you who are also looking to take advantage of this digital era.

Here’s what’s worked for me. Coupled with some perseverance, accountability, grit, sweat, and tears, I guarantee you that you’ll know at least 80% of any language in 6 months.

Digital Immersion

Fortunately, language lovers no longer have to travel at all in order to immerse themselves within a foreign tongue. We now, quite literally, have the world in the palm of our hands.

We have thousands of podcasts, vlogs, blogs, movies, songs, tv shows, news articles, recipes, and more all one search away.

I’m sure you’ve heard more than once, that to learn one’s language involves learning one’s culture. Pretend like you’re a toddler again just trying to wrap your head around all the little aspects of whatever the heck people around you are saying.

Toddler you didn’t learn your mother tongue by doing a lesson or 3 every day on Duolingo, now did she?

Even if physically searching for vlogs or podcasts is just a bit too active for you, you can go the passive route of simply setting your digital devices to the language.

Apparently “History” in Vietnamese is Lịch sử. Trust me, you look at your phone and/or laptop multiple times per day so I couldn’t imagine a more effective form of immersion.

Learn like a Waterfall

I actually learned about this technique from Evan Edinger on YouTube, but the key to language retention is to constantly progress in all the levels you’ve learned and are learning; not to learn it and move on.

Despite how tempting it may sound to totally master 8 or 9 phrases and lock them in your memory forever (aka going ‘gold’ on Duolingo), memorizing is sadly much less efficient than actually learning.

Learning a language is a journey, not a race. You constantly develop the skills you’ve already learned while gradually continuing to build your vocabulary.

So instead of trying to reach “level 5” on each new piece you learn, reach “level 1,” then build the next piece to “level 1” while building the former to “level 2.” Then you’ll build some more terms to level 1 while developing your level 1 to level 2 and level 2 to level 3 and so on.

Simple right?

Don’t be afraid to spend a little money

There’s nothing that makes me feel more accountable for putting something to good use than when I spend money on it.

Chances are that programs/applications/sites, other than Duolingo, that offer a native translation into the language you’re learning will cost at least a few coins in order to ‘fund their mission.’

And let’s be real, most of the quality learning platforms you use online cost money if they’re really worth anything.

If you purchase a book, course, or subscription service, then you’ll actually feel inclined to continue progressing in order to not waste your money.

You’ll be doing some major forced psychology on yourself where hopefully your inner cheapskate will prevail over you quite literally throwing your cash.

That being said, I’d still suggest waiting for sales or looking for discounts in order to at least minimize costs for the useful skill that language learning is.

Join an online support community

When you take a personal mission for yourself, oftentimes it’s easy to wind up unmotivated and feeling a bit foolish.

You may find yourself constantly wondering why you’re taking precious time out of your day to learn this language when all your friends are out in the world doing great things or whatever.

But even if not, we all have our days when we just need an extra boost of support.

Y’know, like those days when suddenly you realize you don’t know nearly as much of the language as you thought you did.

Or like when you learn a whole new set of grammar rules and dialects, and you’re just about ready to give it all up.

And that’s where an online support community comes in. You’ll have a daily reminder that you’re not alone in the puzzling journey of whatever language you’re learning.

You’ll have fellow scholars asking questions you have, giving answers you need, offering encouragement, and proposing new learning methods that may work better for you.

Personally, I use VietnamesePod101(not sponsored) as my platform for reading the comments of other Vietnamese learners. Of course, I hopped on the first deal I saw and was able to gain access to that incredible lesson-based subscription site for $1.

Talk to literally anyone you know who knows the language

I guarantee you that if you live in the U.S., there will be at least a few people who live in your area who understand and speak the language you’re learning, even if they’re not natives.

Turn any of these fellow linguists into your informal mentors. Ask them exact pronunciations and to fill in the words when you’re stuck with an incomplete sentence.

There’s nothing quite like a live teacher. Even Duolingo has multiple events nation-wide where language learners can meet and collaborate with one another.

You could also attend other local events for speakers to mingle, or even host one yourself.

If you’re learning any Latin-based language though, I encourage just socializing with family members and friends of friends and I’m sure you’ll come across a few different individuals who are either further along in learning or native speakers.

So now what?

Major props to you for even deciding to learn a foreign language.

Notice that this article’s title states “beyond Duolingo”, so I’m in no way trying to discredit the amazing tool that Duolingo is. The application’s streak feature is a great motivator for me daily.

All I’m saying is that Duolingo won’t be enough to master the language in the long run. There’s no real-world application and it simply won’t develop your conversational skills.

If you have another application that either specializes in the specific language you’re learning or offers a more well-rounded learning experience, then I’d recommend either solely using that platform or using it in conjunction with Duolingo.

The more sources, the better. If you don’t take away anything else from this article, then at least remember that.

But since you’re here, you’re clearly one of few self-motivated scholars that would love my weekly tips on how to excel mentally, physically, and academically.

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The 3 best resources students don’t think about when deciding on a major

The 3 best resources students don't think about when deciding on a major pin
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Despite how frustrating, challenging, and stressful the process of choosing a college major can be, it’s no secret that your decision can ultimately end up molding the rest of your life.

Of course, I’m not preaching that your major is the key to a satisfying life (because it most definitely is not), but it can still carry a hefty impact.

But chances are you already know that since you’re here and everything. What you want to know is how you can make the best decision possible before its too late to turn back.

If you’re a victim–ahem– I mean student in a U.S. public school system then no doubt you were directed to any and every college resource that even had a slight chance of matching your skills, interests, lifestyle needs, or values to a prospective major, and ultimately career.

They’re basically all guidance counselors are taught to talk to you about. (Cause who needs human guidance when the internet can do that for you, right?)

Well, no matter how useful skills and/or aptitude tests can be, nothing quite prepares you for the realities of a career like real human insight.

All we’re given as students are general overviews, projected outlooks, and working conditions that accompany a career. Or perhaps you’re given a list of majors with descriptions underneath.

Either way, those little tidbits in themselves are not enough for you to actually craft up some legitimate picture of you working that job or studying that major.

It’s like looking through smudged glasses and expecting to see a crystal-clear image. It’s just not going to happen.

So how can you visualize the full experience that accompanies the life that major will give you without live interviews from those who’ve already gone through it? Well, fortunately, it’s not hard as many may think.


Don’t click off just yet. I promise you I’m going somewhere with this.

Think about it; everyone and their mama, grandmama, and great-granddaddy are trying their hand at YouTube videos in 2020. I mean the platform is quite literally revolutionizing everything we’ve ever been taught about conventional work.

People are eager to make a quick buck and lifestyle videos, vlogs, and ‘day in the life’s offer the perfect opportunity.

Just type in the major/career you’re considering and I guarantee you you’ll find tons of videos offering different perspectives on the same line of work.

Vlogs and “day-in-the-life” videos are the best since they give you a live view into the field and offer a pretty accurate guide as to what you can expect. Experiencing it, even if it is just virtual, is so much more useful than reading about it.

Plus Q&A videos can also offer some pretty unique info that you hadn’t even really considered. In contrast with career or college fairs, the spokesperson has no incentive to lie to you as a listener.

Whether or not you choose to continue pursuing the major has no effect on them whatsoever, so you can be confident that (for the most part) they’re providing you with reliable, honest information.


Brutally honest raw content. Those 4 words sum up the entirety of Reddit.

Nobody sugarcoats anything on the platform. Since identities are totally anonymous, users have no fear in revealing what job they hate, why they hate it, who makes them hate it, and when they started hating it. (That goes for majors too)

They’ll address the hidden parts of careers that people don’t normally mention and they’ll even expose companies for who they really are.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, users will also tell you all the dirty little benefits that come with working in a certain career. Plus they’ll give you a better idea about expected pay and what you can expect in a typical day.

There are literally millions of threads on the platform, so you’re guaranteed to find something about the major/career you’re interested in.

Take for example this thread that started with the question “Economics majors, what job did you actually end up in?” Even I was shocked by the vast differences in answers.

Responses included Risk analyst, Economics professor at a Chinese University, Financial analyst, Product manager, Federal Government advisor, and more.

So while your major is important, it isn’t everything– meaning that simply deciding on what you’ll major in is only half the hassle in figuring out what your actual career will be.

And then there are the users who are undecided, much like you may be, and question the graduates of Reddit on which careers would suit them.

LIke another thread started with the question “Careers/majors for people with social anxiety?” And other users not only answered, but also provided explanations.

One commented, “I work as a med lab scientist in hematology. I spend most of my time staring into a microscope. You do have to interact with nurses over the phone, but it’s not so bad.”

And yet another said, ” I work in software development and in that field quietness is not a bad thing.”

Plus, as with any forum, you can post questions yourself, and just might find yourself with 10 or more responses.

Trust me when I say that people are much more honest when what they say can never be held against them.


Quora is literally marketed as ‘a place to gain and share knowledge.’ It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute “unique insights and quality answers.”

Apparently the founders’ mission is to “empower people to learn from each other and to better understand the world.”

All those sappy descriptions aside and I can personally vouch for some of the insanely interesting responses I’ve read on the platform.

And get this; there’s a whole section dedicated to High School Students. I mean, who cares if you’re not one anymore– you’re still guaranteed to find something on choosing majors.

Even more suitable though, they also have a whole topic devoted to College and University Majors. And that’s where you’ll find people asking the real questions.

One user asked “Is Psychology a useless major,” another asked “Is Philosophy a worthless major,” someone else, “What is the easiest college major that actually has worth?” and yet another, “What is the best engineering major for the future?”

All of these questions had around 50 responses too, so you could really get some serious insight into the “great world of majors.”

And keep in mind there’s a handy dandy search bar too so look and you will find, my friend.

Before you go

Anyways I hope I’ve eased a bit of the tension that comes with researching majors. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a long, boring process that’ll leave you more unsatisfied at the end than when you started.

And if you’re considering online schooling, then make sure you check out my post on 5 Pro methods for completing ANY online course before you go.

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What does the average SUCCESSFUL Etsy Shop Owner look like? | Top 100 Analyzed

What does the average SUCCESSFUL Etsy Shop Owner look like? | Top 100 Analyzed pin

All statistics taken from and

So I’ll start by saying that a pretty decent amount of top Etsy sellers don’t have profile pictures of any kind. I’m talking zero face photos anywhere from their Instagram to blog site to Facebook; anywhere.

And out of the ones who do, some have blurry photos where their eye color is indistinguishable or cropped photos where their hair length is non-visible. So bear with me and the “(blank)” categories you see in the statistics below.

Nonetheless, after scraping erank’s top 100 sellers list and each and every one of their shops, I was able to discover some pretty interesting findings….and trends.

While there were some pretty close seconds in some categories, others were dominated by one or two. Being a full-time student working towards a degree in Business Analytics, I did all of my analysis through Microsoft Excel.

My categories were as follows: hair color, hair length, skin color, race, nationality, eye color, shop location, and shop age.

So without further ado, here are the top results from each category.

So what does the Average Top Etsy Shop Owner look like?

  • She’s female (*surprise surprise*); there were actually only 2 male top sellers, excluding the few ‘couple-run’ shops
  • She has brown hair
  • She has long hair
  • She has blue or brown eyes (There were the exact same amount of brown-eyed and blue-eyed sellers….although only 17% of the world has blue eyes and 50% has brown *sips tea?*)
  • She has white skin (as in lighter than tan, despite the fact that some caucasian sellers fell into the ‘tan’ category)
  • She is American
  • She is Caucasian
  • Her shop is in the United States (Canada and South Korea were the next countries with the highest amount of top Etsy sellers, both with 6% of sellers; so the U.S. is dominating the marketplace.)
  • Her shop has been open the average amount of 8.2247422680 years (figured out by averaging the number of years each shop has been open)
So basically, if you look like any of these ladies, then you have a pretty good chance of running a successful Etsy Shop…… sort of
She doesn’t fit the average TOP stats since she has blonde hair, but she is the #1 Etsy seller: PlannerKate

Chances are you should also be a very knowledgeable individual with a unique niche. But if I’m being honest, all you need is a bomb craft supply store since that category makes up at least 70% of the top sellers on Etsy.

Read on to see all the results of each category analysis. And it’s up to you to speculate why some of these percentages are so vastly different from others.

Hair Color Results


Race Results

Grand Total100.00%

Nationality Results

African American1.00%
European American47.00%
south african1.00%
South Korean7.00%

Eye Color Results


Hair Length Results


Skin Color Results


Shop Location Results

Hong Kong2.00%
South Korea6.00%

Shop Age Results

2-3 years6.00%
4-5 years18.00%
6-7 years17.00%
8-9 years26.00%
10-11 years25.00%
12-13 years5.00%

So what now?

While you can’t change the top shops overnight, you could choose to buy from smaller businesses that offer just as quality goods. Nonetheless, these shops are at the top for a reason so analyze and observe just how their shop got as big as it did.

Use them as a learning opportunity, and dare to defy the stereotypes. One’s appearance has nothing over one’s talent.

And since you’re here, you might as well take a look at my shop as well (pretty please?)

I actually just hit 100 sales! And I promise I’ll check yours out too if you leave me a comment below.

Let’s grow together, am I right? This post is actually the first of many articles within my “Chic Statistician Series”, so if you love analysis reports like this, then be sure to join my email list below.

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5 Pro methods for completing ANY online course

5 Proven methods to completing any online course like a pro Pinterest Image
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So I think we can all agree that we live in an increasingly digital era. From Powerschool to Blackboard, to e-textbooks, schooling is much much different from how it used to be.

You can now get a whole degree without ever even stepping one foot onto a college campus. All you need is a laptop (and typically a highschool diploma) and you’ve got hundreds of secondary schooling options at your hands.

And I have a pretty good idea that you’ve taken advantage of one of those opportunities since you’re here and all. So you’ve enrolled, the semester has started, you’ve reviewed the syllabus, and all is peachy until you realize that learning within a virtual environment is much different from a physical one.

Chances are, you may find yourself struggling to stay on track or fully comprehend the material without a live teacher there to guide you on.

But no need to fear; you’ve got thousands of resources, tutors, academic forums, discussion boards, Khan Academy, Pinterest, YouTube, distractions, Instagram, Tiktok, and–wait what?

The internet provides such an abundant source of constant material that you may find yourself facing attention overload. Distractions are not your friend when it comes to any kind of online course.

Which is why I’m going to give you 5 proven methods to learn in absolutely any virtual environment. Hope you’ve gotten out a notebook, ’cause its time to take some notes.

Layout a specific time to focus on your online course(s) daily or bi-daily

This may or may not be a no-brainer, but you’ve got to dedicate time in your schedule to online courses in the same way you have to allocate time to your physical ones.

Just ’cause you don’t have to worry about being marked absent on a roster, doesn’t mean attendance doesn’t matter. A standard e-learning course requires assignments and lessons to be completed according to weekly deadlines.

So you have to be practical. If you’re a full-time student and you want (or need) that course to be done by the end of the semester, then you’ll likely have to dedicate some time to it every single weekday.

Or if that simply doesn’t work, then bi-daily with a higher amount of time slotted for it. I go to my high school’s campus every single day, and I’m given a free period solely dedicated to me getting my online college course done.

Now I could choose to not show up for that period, but being there in a school environment holds me accountable for actually getting the work done.

But… I know that the bliss that accompanies an online college course comes from the fact that you’re able to learn straight from home. So you’re in charge of getting out of bed and getting to work.

By telling yourself an exact time period every day that’s devoted to your schooling, you won’t even be giving yourself a chance to procrastinate. For me, that time is 7:50 am to 8:50 am, but you may need more time depending on the pace and rigor of your course.

Write down deadlines & important dates as you would (or should) with any other course

C’mon my friend, if you don’t have a planner at this point, then what are you even doing? It doesn’t even have to be a traditional paper agenda– I mean, you can literally write down any due date on Google Calendar.

But regardless of how you’re keeping up with deadlines, just make sure you’re keeping up with them.

You don’t ever want to be the student who assumed their schoolwork was due Friday when it was actually due Thursday. That’s just a whole L.

Unlike in-class courses, you’re (most likely) not going to be receiving reminders from your professor. or even classmates, so it’s up to you to plan your time accordingly.

Put your phone out of reach

Don’t ignore this one. I’m guilty multiple times over for not putting my phone out of my sight and then getting lost doing random tasks after picking it up for one notification.

There’s at least a 99.2% chance that whatever your phone is vibrating for can wait. And if there is some otherworldly force that literally makes you pick up your phone whenever the screen so much as turns on, then you better hide and silence it.

We’ve already ascertained that you’re allocating a specific amount of time to this course on some kind of regular basis, meaning that if you waste that scheduled time, then you’ll be throwing your schedule all out of wack.

You’ll either be behind on the schoolwork or behind on whatever you else you had planned to do since you’ll be forced to go overtime on your online course.

Just because the professor isn’t going to call you out for using it, doesn’t mean it won’t be any less damaging to your academic progress.

Open up a new Window

New window example

I know, I know, how many times is this girl going to warn about distractions?? Don’t worry– this is the last time.

You don’t want your browser’s layout to literally set you up for disaster. If you’re anything like me, or basically any teacher on this planet, then chances are you’ve got more than a few tabs open on a regular basis.

You’ve got a tab showing your email, some blog article, a podcast, YouTube, a random Google Doc, and give or take 6 or 7 other things. Nothing wrong with being a busy-body (or even somewhat of a hoarder) but you don’t want that plethora of extra tabs to be your downfall.

And fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

Just minimize all that background mess and open yourself up a whole new tab. Read that in tune with Aladdin’s “Whole New World” and I guarantee you you’ll remember it.

Actually write down your notes

I get that we’re in this amazingly digital era and everything, but research doesn’t lie. Humans are much better at retaining information when that information is physically written down.

I’m talking pencil and paper (and maybe a pen and a few highlighters if you’re about that life.)

Get yourself a nice handy $0.99 notebook solely dedicated to your online course. Much like in the same way you’d have a binder or notebook reserved for your in-class courses.

Handwritten notes force you to slow down and actually attempt to comprehend the material. ‘Cause let’s be real, the typing speed of most students is much too quick to fully grasp whatever it is that you’re writing down.

Plus you won’t be tempted to copy and paste since you won’t even give yourself the possibility to.

So what now?

You ready to conquer that online course like the boss babe I know you are? Heck yeah, you are.

You got a 5-step recipe for success that’s been tried and tested by a virtual schooling lover. Meaning you no longer have to feel forced to stay in the 20th century.

But I’m an avid preacher of learning yourself before learning anything else….. so figure out whether or not you’re learning style will even succeed in a virtual environment.

You may need a live teacher with you that can answer your questions right when you ask them– and that’s totally ok. But if you’re on the edge between the two, then I’ll at least encourage that you do give e-learning a try.

Make sure to watch out for the 5 major traps to avoid as an online student as well!

You just might like the extra time you have to devote to doing other things. Or perhaps you may realize that staying at home during the school day is your one true calling.

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How to practice self-care EVERY day of the week

I feel like we’re all a bit guilty of pushing off self-pampering till the weekend. The school or workday can be absolutely exhausting, and the last thing we feel like doing is staying awake to give ourselves a facial or do some yoga.

But what if I told you self-care isn’t an optional part of your daily routine? That you have to actively practice taking care of your whole body in order to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health (or dare I say sanity.)

You have to give yourself time to relax, breathe, and feel good about yourself on the daily. But I get it–trust me I do– It can be hard to fit in the time.

But I got you, girl. If I can do it, then you can do it too. So here’s how you can take care of yourself every single day of the week.

Self-care Tip #1: Wake up with enough time in the morning for a self-care routine

This might be the last thing you want to hear but you’re probably going to need to start waking up a little bit earlier. Nobody likes to start their day in a rush. It just throws off your mood for the rest of the morning.

Start small little grasshopper–even 10 minutes extra can revamp your morning. Take it from a night owl like myself; you’re much more likely to be productive right after you wake up than right before you go to bed (I’m looking at you, late Netflix nights.)

So nothing too extravagant, but add in some reading, meditation, skincare routine, or basically anything relatively therapeutic to your mind. You’ll start your day off on a good note and you’ll probably eventually maybe sorta kinda like getting up early.

Maybe you’ll get some inspiration from my own morning mini self-care routine. I wake up at 6:30, rinse off my face and then do either some yoga or pilates for 15-20 minutes. Personally I enjoy listening to something spiritually based but I think any kind of motivational audio is really stress-relieving.

Then I’ll typically make myself a cup of coffee that I’ll drink throughout the morning and then actually get dressed. If you’re a hot drink lover like myself then I’d suggest investing in a thermos that stays insulated for hours on end.

Hey–enjoying a hot drink can be self-care in itself.

Self-care Tip #2: Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

I know, I know; this one can be a real struggle. Our days are busy, and when you factor in homework, studying, extracurriculars, socializing, family time, etc. getting to bed at a reasonable time can actually feel like a constraint on your potential.

Plus Newton said it first– what’s in motion tends to stay in motion. But there’s nothing that makes you feel like a refreshed, rejuvenated, self-care queen like getting adequate sleep on the daily.

Science actually suggests young people should be regularly getting 8-9 hours of sleep, so I’m being generous. I love waking up in the morning at least a little refreshed. Too many people save that luxurious “sleeping in” feeling for the weekends, but you deserve to feel well-rested on weekdays too. I mean those are the days when your productivity levels are on high.

SO it might be time to reevaluate your schedules and reassess your priorities. I wake up at 6:30 so I shoot for anywhere between 11 and 11:30 every night. Maybe even earlier If I’m feeling really exhausted. 8 hours is when you really hit the sweet spot.

Self-care Tip #3: Give yourself 30 minutes each night to wind down

Your whole day shouldn’t be a roller coaster. I need you to try extra hard to get home at a reasonable time every night.

That way you can give yourself the “lazy” time everyone craves at some point throughout the day. You can spend these last 30 (or perhaps 42 for your latest tv obsession) minutes of your night in whatever chill manner you wish.

I know that blue light is said to disrupt your sleep pattern or whatever, but I’m keeping it realistic with you, if you want to be on your laptop or phone then go for it.

But I will say that reading, listening to an audiobook, crafting, or writing will probably be more soothing on your mind. Regardless of how you spend it, use it as your time to disconnect….so leave social media, email, and group projects(?) in the earlier hours.

Self-care Tip #4: Start using (your favorite) essential oil

This one may seem a bit random but bear with me. Essential oils are so easily therapeutic on your mind, hygiene, and skin.

Don’t break the bank or anything but find yourself a nice bottle that will last for a while. Ollies Outlet did the trick for me when it came to buying my bottles of lavender oil in bulk.

Rubbing oils on your skin directly after your shower literally feels so calming and basically like a mini spa session every night. But of course, I can’t mention essential oils without talking about aromatherapy, the use of natural plant extracts to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy works through the sense of skin and smell absorption is said to manage pain, alleviate stress, and improve sleep among a list of other benefits. Plus there are so many different scents to choose from— I mean there’s no way you won’t be able to find a favorite. Actually you’ll probably have a hard time choosing just one.

I’ll walk you through some popular ones to get you started

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Clary Sage
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Rose
  • Roman chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree

And about 90 others.

Self-care Tip #5: Do some yoga when you don’t feel like working out intensively

I get it, no matter how fitness-savvy we may try to be, exercising just isn’t always that enjoyable. More often than not, you may find yourself dreading going to the gym or going outside for a run.

But when you’re repeatedly compromising your mental health for your physical health, that’s when your fitness routine needs to be reassessed.

Adequate physical activity should be a part of everybody’s life but you have tons of flexibility in the kinds of activities you choose to do. And instead of foregoing a workout altogether when you’re feeling tired, opt for lowering the intensity.

Instead of working out to burn off calories, focus on stretching your body and moving your joints through a full range of motion. The sitting posture most students are in for a sizable portion of the day leaves your muscles tight and uncomfortable in the long run.

The beautiful thing about yoga is you can practice it at any time of the day and without any kind of equipment. Just relax your mind and get moving–don’t worry YouTube has videos for all kinds, including Power yoga and vinyasa flow.

And Before you go…

I hope you were able to glean at least a few bits of valuable information from this teaching session. Have any other self-care tips for students on the go? Let me know in the comments below or message me on Instagram at @classyc.03.

I’m impressed you made it to the end of the article though! I need a loyal scholar like you in my tight-knit community.

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5 Crucial ways to stay motivated throughout your second semester

So I think it’s safe to make the assumption that most of you are in your second semester of the school year, and desperately looking for new ways to stay motivated. It’s probably relatively close to the start and 3rd quarter is already beginning to feel mighty unwelcome.

But everyone knows that the half-way mark in any journey is the most dangerous point since it’s where you decide whether or not to keep pushing forward or to turn around and go back.

Now is not the time to start slacking off– you’ve still got to finish the year strong. 2nd semester is the time for reparative measures and damage control.

But senioritis is a thing for a reason. It reflects a national pandemic among students who lose their motivation as the school year goes on.

Even if your grades aren’t looking too pretty, your social life isn’t where you thought it would be, and your GPA’s suddenly not looking too hot, there are crucial ways you can stay motivated.

It’s all about the mindset sis, and soon everything else will fall into place.

Refocus on your end-goal

You’ve chosen to be a scholar for a purpose, so there’s clearly something you’re working towards. Some future for yourself that you’ve acknowledged a degree or high school diploma will be a big help in.

Chances are you set a few mini goals for yourself as well this school year, be it making A-B honor roll, qualifying for NHS, boosting your GPA, concentrating on a new pathway, reaching a certain number of credits–whatever.

Even if it was a personal development goal like being better organized or to stop procrastinating, it’s not too late to refocus on the things that motivated you to start.

In the words of Panic! at the Disco, a lot of us have always had high, high hopes. And Mama said don’t give up, (cause life is always going to be) a little complicated.

When you look back at yourself in the future, you don’t want to remember some flimsy chick who lost motivation when life got a bit tough. No, you want to remember a boss babe who held herself accountable for all the goals she set for herself (and that’s exactly who you’re going to be!)

Reassess your life outside of school

It can be pretty easy to lose purpose in your daily routine when your life quite literally revolves around your schooling.

There’s nothing that dims motivation like feeling unsatisfied in your social and home life. So at this point in the year, you need to make sure that you haven’t neglected outside priorities or people.

Figure out whether you’ve been putting off goals or pushing away loved ones cause you’ve been too focused on your grind. The people closest to you can be insanely resourceful when you’re simply not motivated anymore.

You never want to give up your aspirations and hobbies just cause they don’t align with your study schedule. It’s never too late to start working towards ‘extracurricular’ goals.

Meet some new people

Making new friends always adds a dash of excitement to your everyday life. I suggest actively looking for new groups, clubs, teams, etc. to join with the intention of meeting some potential best friends.

You’ll all be able to bond over whatever the foundation of the group is and chances are that a few unfamiliar personalities will snap you out of your boring rut.

Take the initiative to reach out to new people instead of getting annoyed when one of your close friends isn’t free to hang out. Having a diverse range of friends will open you up to new ideas, cultures, viewpoints, and tons of other cool things.

Cheers to getting out of your comfort zone.

Reconnect with old friends and family

This may just seem just a little counterintuitive with the last suggestion to stay motivated, but it never hurts to reopen ties with loved ones. So often we go day in and day out without giving an elderly family member a second thought or even considering texting that aunt who was always there for you as a kid. Guilty as charged.

It can be the little things that really really brighten up your mood. Hitting up an old friend that you’ve lost touch with over the years can be super exciting for both you and them.

It’s not as hard to revitalize an old friendship or family relationship as some may think. It’ll be really comforting hearing from someone who genuinely wants to know how you’ve been.

So don’t hesitate, my fellow scholars. Email isn’t just for sharing group projects.

Choose someone or multiple people who you haven’t spoken to in a while and randomly hit them up with a text, call, or email. Double points if you thank them for being such an amazing part of your life whenever it was that they were.

Y’know they say gratitude is like one of the all-time major anti-depressants. You’ll feel great; they’ll feel great, and suddenly it’ll feel a lot easier to remember that big life you have outside of school.

Squeeze in a personal vacay, road trip, or big event with friends

Believe it or not, you don’t have to wait till Summer or Spring Break to get your days jumpin’. You got to find ways to treat yourself year-round girlfriend.

Give yourself an off day, off weekend, off holiday, you name it. Travel somewhere (even if it’s just the next town over) and give yourself a refreshing break from your daily routine.

Leave your schoolwork behind and let loose. This can be anything as long as you’re having fun. So go to the beach, mountains, forest, lake, concert, show, theatrical show, or even mall, and just enjoy it.

I majorly recommend planning this event with a friend or two in order to maximize that true ‘Summer fun’ feeling. I know it’s broke girl season, so it’s totally fine to do something that’s free.

Just think, even planning a big girl’s night at your home with games and movies can even constitute as a big event. Just give yourself something to get excited about.

But before you go…

I’ve got to give you credit where credit is due. You made it to the end of this article without losing motivation! Surely, if you can do that then trucking it out for the rest of the school year won’t be too hard.

I like your commitment though. I need a loyal scholar like you in my tight-knit community.

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