How to practice self-care EVERY day of the week

I feel like we’re all a bit guilty of pushing off self-pampering till the weekend. The school or workday can be absolutely exhausting, and the last thing we feel like doing is staying awake to give ourselves a facial or do some yoga.

But what if I told you self-care isn’t an optional part of your daily routine? That you have to actively practice taking care of your whole body in order to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health (or dare I say sanity.)

You have to give yourself time to relax, breathe, and feel good about yourself on the daily. But I get it–trust me I do– It can be hard to fit in the time.

But I got you, girl. If I can do it, then you can do it too. So here’s how you can take care of yourself every single day of the week.

Self-care Tip #1: Wake up with enough time in the morning for a self-care routine

This might be the last thing you want to hear but you’re probably going to need to start waking up a little bit earlier. Nobody likes to start their day in a rush. It just throws off your mood for the rest of the morning.

Start small little grasshopper–even 10 minutes extra can revamp your morning. Take it from a night owl like myself; you’re much more likely to be productive right after you wake up than right before you go to bed (I’m looking at you, late Netflix nights.)

So nothing too extravagant, but add in some reading, meditation, skincare routine, or basically anything relatively therapeutic to your mind. You’ll start your day off on a good note and you’ll probably eventually maybe sorta kinda like getting up early.

Maybe you’ll get some inspiration from my own morning mini self-care routine. I wake up at 6:30, rinse off my face and then do either some yoga or pilates for 15-20 minutes. Personally I enjoy listening to something spiritually based but I think any kind of motivational audio is really stress-relieving.

Then I’ll typically make myself a cup of coffee that I’ll drink throughout the morning and then actually get dressed. If you’re a hot drink lover like myself then I’d suggest investing in a thermos that stays insulated for hours on end.

Hey–enjoying a hot drink can be self-care in itself.

Self-care Tip #2: Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

I know, I know; this one can be a real struggle. Our days are busy, and when you factor in homework, studying, extracurriculars, socializing, family time, etc. getting to bed at a reasonable time can actually feel like a constraint on your potential.

Plus Newton said it first– what’s in motion tends to stay in motion. But there’s nothing that makes you feel like a refreshed, rejuvenated, self-care queen like getting adequate sleep on the daily.

Science actually suggests young people should be regularly getting 8-9 hours of sleep, so I’m being generous. I love waking up in the morning at least a little refreshed. Too many people save that luxurious “sleeping in” feeling for the weekends, but you deserve to feel well-rested on weekdays too. I mean those are the days when your productivity levels are on high.

SO it might be time to reevaluate your schedules and reassess your priorities. I wake up at 6:30 so I shoot for anywhere between 11 and 11:30 every night. Maybe even earlier If I’m feeling really exhausted. 8 hours is when you really hit the sweet spot.

Self-care Tip #3: Give yourself 30 minutes each night to wind down

Your whole day shouldn’t be a roller coaster. I need you to try extra hard to get home at a reasonable time every night.

That way you can give yourself the “lazy” time everyone craves at some point throughout the day. You can spend these last 30 (or perhaps 42 for your latest tv obsession) minutes of your night in whatever chill manner you wish.

I know that blue light is said to disrupt your sleep pattern or whatever, but I’m keeping it realistic with you, if you want to be on your laptop or phone then go for it.

But I will say that reading, listening to an audiobook, crafting, or writing will probably be more soothing on your mind. Regardless of how you spend it, use it as your time to disconnect….so leave social media, email, and group projects(?) in the earlier hours.

Self-care Tip #4: Start using (your favorite) essential oil

This one may seem a bit random but bear with me. Essential oils are so easily therapeutic on your mind, hygiene, and skin.

Don’t break the bank or anything but find yourself a nice bottle that will last for a while. Ollies Outlet did the trick for me when it came to buying my bottles of lavender oil in bulk.

Rubbing oils on your skin directly after your shower literally feels so calming and basically like a mini spa session every night. But of course, I can’t mention essential oils without talking about aromatherapy, the use of natural plant extracts to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy works through the sense of skin and smell absorption is said to manage pain, alleviate stress, and improve sleep among a list of other benefits. Plus there are so many different scents to choose from— I mean there’s no way you won’t be able to find a favorite. Actually you’ll probably have a hard time choosing just one.

I’ll walk you through some popular ones to get you started

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Clary Sage
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Rose
  • Roman chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree

And about 90 others.

Self-care Tip #5: Do some yoga when you don’t feel like working out intensively

I get it, no matter how fitness-savvy we may try to be, exercising just isn’t always that enjoyable. More often than not, you may find yourself dreading going to the gym or going outside for a run.

But when you’re repeatedly compromising your mental health for your physical health, that’s when your fitness routine needs to be reassessed.

Adequate physical activity should be a part of everybody’s life but you have tons of flexibility in the kinds of activities you choose to do. And instead of foregoing a workout altogether when you’re feeling tired, opt for lowering the intensity.

Instead of working out to burn off calories, focus on stretching your body and moving your joints through a full range of motion. The sitting posture most students are in for a sizable portion of the day leaves your muscles tight and uncomfortable in the long run.

The beautiful thing about yoga is you can practice it at any time of the day and without any kind of equipment. Just relax your mind and get moving–don’t worry YouTube has videos for all kinds, including Power yoga and vinyasa flow.

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