What does the average SUCCESSFUL Etsy Shop Owner look like? | Top 100 Analyzed

What does the average SUCCESSFUL Etsy Shop Owner look like? | Top 100 Analyzed pin

All statistics taken from Erank.com and Etsy.com

So I’ll start by saying that a pretty decent amount of top Etsy sellers don’t have profile pictures of any kind. I’m talking zero face photos anywhere from their Instagram to blog site to Facebook; anywhere.

And out of the ones who do, some have blurry photos where their eye color is indistinguishable or cropped photos where their hair length is non-visible. So bear with me and the “(blank)” categories you see in the statistics below.

Nonetheless, after scraping erank’s top 100 sellers list and each and every one of their shops, I was able to discover some pretty interesting findings….and trends.

While there were some pretty close seconds in some categories, others were dominated by one or two. Being a full-time student working towards a degree in Business Analytics, I did all of my analysis through Microsoft Excel.

My categories were as follows: hair color, hair length, skin color, race, nationality, eye color, shop location, and shop age.

So without further ado, here are the top results from each category.

So what does the Average Top Etsy Shop Owner look like?

  • She’s female (*surprise surprise*); there were actually only 2 male top sellers, excluding the few ‘couple-run’ shops
  • She has brown hair
  • She has long hair
  • She has blue or brown eyes (There were the exact same amount of brown-eyed and blue-eyed sellers….although only 17% of the world has blue eyes and 50% has brown *sips tea?*)
  • She has white skin (as in lighter than tan, despite the fact that some caucasian sellers fell into the ‘tan’ category)
  • She is American
  • She is Caucasian
  • Her shop is in the United States (Canada and South Korea were the next countries with the highest amount of top Etsy sellers, both with 6% of sellers; so the U.S. is dominating the marketplace.)
  • Her shop has been open the average amount of 8.2247422680 years (figured out by averaging the number of years each shop has been open)
So basically, if you look like any of these ladies, then you have a pretty good chance of running a successful Etsy Shop…… sort of
She doesn’t fit the average TOP stats since she has blonde hair, but she is the #1 Etsy seller: PlannerKate

Chances are you should also be a very knowledgeable individual with a unique niche. But if I’m being honest, all you need is a bomb craft supply store since that category makes up at least 70% of the top sellers on Etsy.

Read on to see all the results of each category analysis. And it’s up to you to speculate why some of these percentages are so vastly different from others.

Hair Color Results


Race Results

Grand Total100.00%

Nationality Results

African American1.00%
European American47.00%
south african1.00%
South Korean7.00%

Eye Color Results


Hair Length Results


Skin Color Results


Shop Location Results

Hong Kong2.00%
South Korea6.00%

Shop Age Results

2-3 years6.00%
4-5 years18.00%
6-7 years17.00%
8-9 years26.00%
10-11 years25.00%
12-13 years5.00%

So what now?

While you can’t change the top shops overnight, you could choose to buy from smaller businesses that offer just as quality goods. Nonetheless, these shops are at the top for a reason so analyze and observe just how their shop got as big as it did.

Use them as a learning opportunity, and dare to defy the stereotypes. One’s appearance has nothing over one’s talent.

And since you’re here, you might as well take a look at my shop as well (pretty please?)

I actually just hit 100 sales! And I promise I’ll check yours out too if you leave me a comment below.

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